Hong Kong TAK FI International (Group) is a powerful international company established in 1980. After nearly forty years of development, the Group has achieved a gross capital of tens of billions and developed eight industrial blocks featuring real estate, manufacturing, non-ferrous metallic mineral, education, hill and forest agriculture, financial investment, international trade, cultural media and other industries. The company has made industrial investments in the U.S, Canada, the U.K, Germany, France, Spain, Bolivia, Brazil, Japan, Korea, Philippines, Vietnam, Taiwan and other regions and enjoyed friendly trade relationships with dozens of countries and regions in the world.

Its three subsidiary companies have made their public listings consecutively in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and thrown investment in starting companies in  provinces of mainland China that include Fujian, Guangdong, Beijing, Jiangsu, Hubei, Hu'nan, Jilin, Shandong, Jiangxi, Hainan and Tibet, with businesses covering residential building construction, development and management of HOPSCA, business management, property management, pharmaceutical and chemical engineering, biotechnology, green food, plastics and hardware, IT, advertising planning, financial investment, cultural education, non-ferrous metal mining and other fields.

Being the original force behind the development of TAK FI, the manufacturing industry is highly praised by all sectors of society not only for the development of “MINREN”, a high-tech palmtop dictionary and application and but also for “phthalic anhydride”, a chemical product that is of the highest quality and largest production  in Southeast China.  As of now, the company's lighter factory stands one of the largest manufacturer and exporter of lighters worldwide and the plastics and hardware produced by  the company are bestselling all over the world.

Real estate development is one of the major businesses in which the Group boasts more than thirty years' experience. The Group is a forerunner in primary land development and a pioneer in development and operation of residential commodity buildings, hotels, offices and HOPSCA with a cumulative developed area over the years approaching 20 million square meters from which the Group has obtained sound social and economic benefits.

Product innovation and R&D are recognized as the inexhaustible power for the company's sustainable development. Yukiko Biotechnology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of the company, has engaged in joint efforts with pharmaceutical teams made by PhDs from renowned universities in China and developed a series of green and healthy personal care products that are sold both home and abroad with popularity among customers.

The company believes that diverse investment and solid management pave the way for the company's development. Apart from making investment in banking, securities, fund, petty loan and other financial fields, the company also possesses large malls and supermarkets, hotels, catering and entertainment companies, advertising and business planning companies and business management teams; it owns farms, forests and flower, fruit and tea gardens in Hainan island, up to an area of 54 square kilometers; it owns mining rights of non-ferrous metal mines that are of thousands of square kilometers in Brazil and Bolivia; in cultural education, the company invested to found Xiamen Huatian International Vocation Institute that currently ranks among the top non-publicly funded schools in Fujian province whether in teaching, teaching research or school management.

The Group remains keen on participating in public welfare, respecting the senior and honoring the wise, assisting students and encouraging teachers and making donations of money and goods.

It is now a time when myriads of competitors fight in the same arena. Facing with a future of challenges and opportunities, Hong Kong TAK FI International (Group) Co., Ltd will make its earnest endeavor to explore and innovate and march to become a top-tier modern corporation in the world.