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National layout

Development of 31 urban projects in 12 provinces
The Group’s real estate development covers 12 provinces and 31 cities and counties across the country, with a total investment of more than 10 billion yuan and a construction area of nearly 20 million square meters,including primary development of land, old city (shanty town) renovation, residential commodity building, hotel office building and urban complex development and operation, etc.

From Xiamen

Xiamen is the first step in the development of domestic real estate investment. It accumulated lots of experience, And has achieved good economic and social benefits.
Xiamen Lingxiu City
Xiamen Taoran North Shore
Xiamen Dehui Garden
Xiamen Yuxiu Center
Xiamen Shijia Garden
Xiamen Binhai Garden
Xiamen Haifeng Building
Xiamen Shenhui Building
Xiamen Jinyue Garden


Located on the hillside of Jinbang Mountain in Xiamen, it is a rare and community in Xiamen. Nearly 20 high-rise buildings are surrounded by a smooth arc of approximately two hectares of atrium gardens. In the internal environment, it is more elaborated. The atrium landscape and the underlying overhead landscape of the whole community are nearly 40000 square meters. The atrium plans the French style garden, the large-scale water scene is aspiring.Clubhouse, tennis court, outdoor swimming pool, kindergarten, senior citizen activity center matches perfectly.


Located in Erdao District, Project South to North Expressway, East to East Ring Toad, West to East Expressway. The municipal plans to construct of a Handsome Park adjacent to the project. The total development volume is about 3 million square meters, and it will be the model of quality real estate within Changchun Sanhuan.

  • Strict construction process and technology Ensure high quality presentation
  • The integrated window of bridge cutoff aluminum system has high strength, good rigidity and atmospheric corrosion resistance
    Heat insulation, sound insulation and wind pressure resistance
    Explosion proof, fireproof and windproof sand
    Long service life and good decoration effect
  • German Gewu group was founded in 1903 as the world's top brand of hardware locks
    Fully clamped fastening
    Highest standard material selection and manufacturing
    Maximum weight of window fan: 130kg
    No need to drill holes for window frame installation and no need to remove window sash
    Three dimensional adjustment upper and lower hinge symmetry
    The latest jet ak8 swing up system



Project Location: Intersection of East Expressway and North Expressway, Erdao District, Changchun City
Building area: about 500000 square meters
Project planning: Large Smart shopping center, five-star hotel, office building
Business format: supermarkets, cinemas, theme restaurants, super thousand people banquet halls, large conference centers, brand flagship stores, Large children’s playground, experiential new retail